2.2. Order of adjectives in English

Look at these three photos and descriptions of some typical sites in Malta taken from holiday brochures:

Imagen de karstensfotos de flickr con licencia Creative Commons



1. It’s a magnificent huge prehistoric stone temple.
Seven of the Megalithic Temples of Malta are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
You’ll be impressed when visiting them!





 Imagen de ramonbaile de flickr con licencia Creative Commons


2. Malta and Gozo offer a number of places ideal for bathing. The most obvious choice for families are popular golden sandy beaches, but bathing off the rocks is also extremely popular. Rocky beaches are not beaches with rocks instead of sand, but bathing spots where the coast is natural rock, often in the form of flat platforms ideal for sunbathing (without the sand) and sometimes improved by means of diving platforms and steps or ladders.






 Imagen de JaviC de flickr
con licencia Creative Commons
3. Most tours will take you to parts of Malta where you’ll be able to pass through these typical long narrow Maltese streets.
AV – Reflexión

According to the description in bold in the texts, which is the correct order of adjectives before a noun in English?
a. Opinion, size, age, shape, colour, origin, material.
b. Age, size, opinion, colour, origin, material.
c. Opinion, size, shape, age, origin, colour, material.


Click here to watch a presentation which will be useful for you to understand better the word order in English sentences:

Now, it’s time to practice the correct adjective order. Click on the links below and do the activities:

1. Which is the correct sentence?

2. Which is the correct order?

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