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1.1. Welcome to CEOLS.
1.2. Australia and New Zealand.
1.3. What do you do?
1.4. Malta.


So, what’s your deal?: Welcome to CEOLS.

Focus On

Read about how our online language school was founded.

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CEOLS /si:ɒlz/ was created in 2005 by a young couple, Serena and Blake Walkers, who were going to Turkey to teach English to youngsters. They wanted to know the basics before they arrived, so they decided to search the Internet and find the survival language they needed to understand and make themselves understood the minute they set foot on what was going to be their new home for the next three years.

The enormous amount of information and courses they found online, together with the online record of activities they were producing, sparked the idea of starting their own website to help their learners.The school began as a free online resource. However, it was soon spotted by entrepreneur James Pengelly who saw the potential in the young couple and offered to fund a European Online Language School. Pengelly got in touch with the young couple, making them an offer they couldn’t resist which brought them back to the UK immediately after they finished their obligations in Turkey.

Culture Counts

There are many online language schools. We will be visiting some of them to increase our knowledge of the English speaking world and culture.


Perhaps the most famous of them all is BBC Learning English. It is brought to us from the United Kingdom and, therefore, of course, deals with British English.

However, there are many different English accents; at Poetry Out Loud, you can listen to, as well as get to know, Canadian accents and at the same time practise your pronunciation through poetry.

Do it yourself

Choose the correct answer.
1.The original idea for the company came from Mr. Pengelly.

Verdadero Falso     

2.”Set foot on”  literally means put your feet somewhere.

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3. “For” is a preposition of time but can also indicate a purpose.

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4.The UK (United Kingdom) includes the Republic of Ireland.

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5. English is an official language in Turkey.

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1. About CEOLS

Focus On

Where and who we are.

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The company offices are located in Falmouth, a well-known harbour on the south coast of Cornwall.

CEOLS is currently comprised of a team of eleven experts who know that every student calls for a different amount of help and time to improve the language they are learning. They carry out individual placement tests if the student has previous knowledge to ascertain the level. They also study the appropriate learning styles and strategies each learner requires. This individual needs analysis takes place during the first three weeks. During that time, students are guaranteed results and, if they are not satisfied, they will be fully refunded.

CEOLS carefully selects their staff which is why they can guarantee that the staff will be with you right from start to finish. CEOLS’ students define their teachers as keen, innovative and dedicated. The CEOLS research programme entails constantly researching how to improve spoken languages by helping students develop the skills they need in order to communicate effectively.

CEOLS is flexible and convenient. Students can learn at their convenience, at any time of day or night. They can fit your schedule and you do not need to travel because you can follow their courses from the comfort of your own home.
All you need is a headset and high speed Internet. CEOLS will provide a selection of tools for online conversation with as many as 15 simultaneous partners. Students will have the classroom available in the comfort of their own home, in their hotel room, plane or train during their travels.

Wherever you are, whenever you need us, we are just a click away.

AV – Reflexión

1. Do you know Falmouth?2. Why is Falmouth a good place to visit?

3. What can you see and do in Falmouth?

4. What famous chocolate store has been open in Falmouth for almost a hundred years?

These are a few of the questions you can answer by visiting the Official Town website.

Image at Wikimedia Commons by David Stowell under CC.

AV – Reflexión

Watch the video at England Southwest about Cornwall:

How much did you understand? Study the table, match the beginning of a sentence in Column A with its ending in Column B.:

Column A Column B
1. The trip starts in Devon a. the last person who spoke Cornish as a native tongue.
2. Tintagel castle is b. gave name to an operetta.
3. The Pirates of Penzance c. small oily fish.
4. Mousehole’s pronunciation d. was an important port for nearly a thousand years.
5. Mousehole was also home to e. which is just over border from Cornwall.
6. St. Michael’s mount f. is in the middle of a moor.
7. Pilchards are g. related to the legend of King Arthur.
8. The Jamaica Inn h. has nothing to do with the spelling.

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