3. Bite Size

Thanks to this unit you know a bit more about Malta, a country where English is spoken as an official language and the place where Paula and Carlos have decided to go to practise the language they have learnt.

What have you learnt?
– As far as grammar is concerned you have learnt the correct order of adjectives.
– After studying the vocabulary of this unit you can say the type of traveller you are, the types of travel as well as the types of accommodation you like when travelling. Apart from that you can describe locations by means of adjectives used to describe places.
– If we consider the language fuctions of this unit, you are ready to complain as well as to accept, delay and reject a complaint.
– With regards to pronunciation, you are able to discriminate the pronunciation of the following two vowels: /ʊ/ and /u:/.Apart from these linguistic aspects, this unit has allowed you to be familiar with cultural aspects related to Malta like its location, its geography and weather, the most interesting sites to visit, its history and general curiosities of the country like the different official languages spoken in Malta through its history.

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