1.1. Words to travel


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Paula and Carlos have chosen to travel to Malta to work there and improve their English.
Think which place in the world you would choose for:
a. a break
b. a pilgrimage
c. a voyage

AV – Actividad de Espacios en Blanco

Match the following types of travel with their definitions and write the corresponding letter in the space provided:

Break a. A short journey.
Excursion b. A journey undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose.
Tour c. A journey to a sacred place for religious reasons.
 Expedition d. A short holiday.
 Pilgrimage e. A long journey involving travel by sea or in space.
 Trip f. A short visit to an interesting place.
 Voyage g. A journey for pleasure where several different places are visited.
As far as accommodation is concerned we should say that Paula is going to live with her host family. For Carlos, accommodation is also provided at the hotel where he is going to work. But, what about you? Which accommodation would you choose to spend your holidays? Go to the forum and explain to your partners when and why you would choose the following options. Do they agree with you?

a. A camp-site
b. A youth hostel
c. A self-catering flat
d. A bed and breakfast
e. A guesthouse
f. A hotel
g. A spa

Let’s check now if you are familiar with the vocabulary related to travel, click on the following links to do the activities:
1. Listen to words related to travel and complete the sentences.
2. Useful vocabulary when planning a trip (I).
3. Vocabulary to plan a trip (II).


Could you say the type of traveller you are? Do you prefer a sophisticated city, a package tour or somewhere off the beaten track? If you click here, you will know the type of traveller you are just by answering some questions of a quiz.

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