0. So, what’s your deal?: Malta

Imagen de Adam Jones, Ph.D. de flickr bajo licencia Creative Commons Imagen de MadalenaPestana de flickr bajo licencia Creative Commons

The people you can see in these photos are Paula and Carlos. They are two Spanish students who have finished their English course at CEOLS. Now, they have got a B2 level and have found a summer job in Malta. It will give them the chance to explore and discover the country and its stunning beaches, they will meet new people and, above all, they will have the opportunity to practise a language they have been learning for 6 months at CEOLS.
Paula is going to work as an au-pair in the capital city of Malta, Valletta, and Carlos is going to work as a kitchen assistant in St. Julian’s.

Do you want to know where these two cities are?

If you want to find out their location click on this interactive map

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