6. Bitesize

In Lesson 3 you have practised your four skills:

– We have learnt about skimming, scanning and detailed Reading.

– The Listening activities in the lesson have ranges from tips for a job interview to descrition of habits and routines.

– In order to improve your Speaking, you have practised talking about your daily routine.

– In the Writing section you have learnt how to write a CV and a cover letter.


In order to improve those skills, we have reviewed:

– language functions involved in getting a job (describing, asking for information…)

– vocabulary: education, describing your work.

– grammar: talking about the future, including the future perfect and future continuous tenses.

– pronunciation: stress-timed vs syllable-timed languages.


With regards to culture, we have learnt a lot about Scotland, its education system, traditions, language varieties,

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