2.1. Vocabulary on Education


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Did you study in a state or a private school? Have you ever cheated in an exam?

Is this course compulsory?

We are going to learn some vocabulary in the semantic field of education.

Rellenar huecos

What do these words and expressions from the text mean in the context of education? Match words and definitions by writing the correct number in the gap.

Compulsory. 1. Evaluation
Report. 2. Obligatory.
Mixed-ability classes. 3. A teacher’s written assessment of a pupil’s work and progress.
Assessment. 4. Taught together rather than being set apart in groups according to level of learning.
AV – Actividad de Espacios en Blanco

Complete the sentences with the words from the list.
cheat – do – fail – grant – learn – homework – pass – revise – start – study – subject – take

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1. When she was at school she used to for hours every evening.
2. I must tonight. I have an exam tomorrow.
3. Our history teacher was terrible. We didn’t anything.
4. If you don’t your , you can’t watch TV later.
5. The teacher was angry because some of the pupils had tried to in the exam.
6. If you want to be a doctor, you have to a lot of exams.
7. In the UK children school when they are four and can’t leave before they are 16.

8. I hope I’m going to my exams. My parents will be furious if I .
9. She does not have any income but can study at university because of the she receives.
10. My favourite at school was maths.

What is the difference between degree and career (carrera)? What about mark and grade (nota)?

A step ahead

Here you have a link to a website with vocabulary on education.

And for vocabulary on teaching and learning online courses, like this one, you can visit this site: Education. Online Degrees.

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