3. Bite size

In lesson 2 you have practiced the four skills within a cultural context.- You have learned facts about Australia and New Zealand and have been able to practice your reading skills through the read of authentic texts and brochures. You have specifically practiced the use of synonyms and paraphrasing.

– In order to practice speaking, you have made descriptions of pictures. This has also allowed you to practice the use of likely and probably.

– So as to work on your listening skills, you have been presented with different listening activities, and have practiced listening for specific information through the voices of Australian speakers. There was also the opportunity to learn about English sounds, and more precisely about the difference between /i/ and /i:/.

– In order to put into practice your writing skills, you have written an enquiry form following a model that you would easily find online if you were to book a day trip. You have integrated some grammatical points into your written piece, such as the use of purpose clauses and punctuation.


All in all, you have learned about cultural aspects of Australia and New Zealand, including their natural resources, their people, and their way of life.

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