2.3. Did you know…?

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New Zealand was inhabited by the Polynesians originating from South-East Asia around 3,500 years ago. Nowadays, English and Maori are spoken in New Zealand. The first Polynesians introduced, the dog in New Zealand, among other animals.The Maori culture was a Stone-Age culture until the arrival of the Europeans in the 17th century. New Zealand was a British Colony and both the Maori culture and the British culture coexisted for some time until tensions and subsequent conflict had a devastating impact on the Maori population. Nowadays, Maori make up 15% of the total population of New Zealand.


Would you like to know more about Maori people? Visit this site.


Have a look at New Zealand’s National Flag:

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Can you see any resemblance to Australia’s National Flag?

Now read about the symbols on the flag.

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