2.1. In order to write properly

So as to, in order to, so that, in order that.
Purpose clauses are used to state the purpose of the action in the independent clause. The most common type of purpose clause is a to-infinitive clause.

  • Pauline travelled to Michigan to visit her family.

However, in order to and so as to are often used in formal speaking and writing.

  • Human Resources called two of the job applicants in order to obtain extra information about their qualifications
  • Human Resources called two of the job applicants so as to obtain extra information about their qualifications

A purpose clause can also be introduced by so that or in order that. These finite purpose clauses usually contain a modal verb.

  • I left work earlier so that I could attend Sandra’s graduation
  • I got up early in order that I wouldn’t be late

So that implies that the cause was deliberately done by someone in order to get a specific result.

Check the following website in order to get more information on the use of purpose clauses.

Punctuation Review

Read the following brief punctuation guide . Then go online to practice the use of punctuation:

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Game 2


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