0. So, what’s your deal? Australia and New Zealand





So, what’s your deal?: Australia and New Zealand.




Meet Valeria and Stefano. 

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Our names are Stefano and Valeria, and we are from Rome, Italy. We have been studying English for years, but though we understand the language we know we still have to work a lot on our speaking and listening skills. We decided to enroll at CEOLS for several reasons. In the first place, we are too busy during the week and can’t really attend a language school, so an online centre seems to be the best idea right now. On the other hand, we would like to meet students from other nationalities, as we think it can be a very enriching experience.

We both work in a Department Store, and sometimes need to speak English to customers. In our free time we like travelling to different places, in particular to English speaking countries. Last summer we spent two weeks touring Australia and New Zealand. We’d love to share our adventures with you!




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In this section of the unit, we will travel to Australia and New Zealand through Valeria and Stefano’s trips. What do you know about these countries? Through their adventures we will learn about Australia, including facts about its fauna and flora, and we will listen to Australian people talking about their country. In the second part of this section we will explore geographical and geological aspects of New Zealand, as well as find out about basic facts you should know before you travel there.

Fasten your seatbelt!

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