1.2. Bringing it all together

1.2. Bringing it all together

Now that you have finished reading about CEOLS, try the comprehension test. You may want to read the full text again. In order to do that, you may click here.
AV – Pregunta de Elección Múltiple

1. In Welcome to CEOLS, “the basics” refers to _____.

a) finding accommodation
b) learning Turkish.
c) their new company.
2. Two reasons that motivated the set up of their initial website were ___.
a) earning extra money and lots of free time.
b) interest in travelling and knowing the culture.
c) plentiful online information as well as their own production.
3. From the information in the text we can understand that the Blakes _____.
a) reached the end of their previous agreement and then left.
b) left Turkey before finishing their time there.
4. According to the text, _____.
a) anyone can work for CEOLS.
b) there must be a professional selection process.
5. The study schedule at CEOLS ____.
a) is adaptable to individual student needs.
b) isn’t adaptable to individual student needs.
6. CEOLS also calls for an effor on behalf of their students as they will have to _____.
a) come to classes every day.
b) be online for at least three hours a day.
c) comply with or meet certain requirements.

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