8. Bite size

8. Bite size

Unidad 1 – Tema 1 – Podcast número 11

Image at openclipart.org by Palomaironique under CC.


Lesson 1 essentials.

– vocabulary:

word building by adding prefixes (in-, re-, co-, en-: incorrect, research, coproduce, enrich), suffixes (-ster, -ation, -ment, -ed, -ing, -s: enlister, animation, predicament, learning, runs/hides/bands) and compounding on+going, foot+ball);

– grammar:

reviewing the English verb tenses (present, past, simple and future some uses and formation);

– pronunciation:

long and short vowels (beat – bit – bet – bat – bought – book – born – burst – barn – bun);

– language functions:

asking and giving information: Can/Could…? / Certainly.; Sure.; Of course….

– culture:

similarities and differences between countries; different accents; poetry readings.

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