6. Create your study group

6. Create your study group


 Unidad 1 – Tema 1 – Podcast número 9

You have to be part of a study group.

The objective is to practice your English as often as you can. We suggest you find two or three people you can comfortably meet up with (you should preferably have the same online working schedule). Another good idea is, to visit an online open community which will help you find a partner and/or partners who will be willing to speak English with you, more often than not, they will also like to speak Spanish, but that isn’t a problem. The advantages are: you have one or several “native” speakers to communicate with, and it is free. A drawback may be that you have to spend some time speaking Spanish, too, or that people you communicate with have other intentions in mind, if so, knock them off sooner than later!

Some of these free online places are:

The Mixxer language exchange community for everybody;


English, baby!;

Speaking 24.

Before you rush into a conversation, remember Internet safety rules:

1. Never give out personal details regarding where you live, telephone number, bank details… Your best bet in this regard is, to create an invented personality who wants to speak English, you may even create an e-mail address exclusively for this purpose.

2. You are a student and you have a goal: you want to speak English. so, an exchange is an exchange, if you speak English for 15 minutes, expect to speak Spanish for 15 minutes, and definitely demand the opposite.

Your tasks for this lesson are:

1. Go to the forum and create your study group. (You may belong to more than one if you have the time!).

2. Prepare the information you are going to ask and give your prospective exchange:

– personal details

– objectives

– schedule online

– learning and studying strategies

– you are good at

– you are not so good at

– interests

Good luck! Have fun learning!

Wordle: Ask for information

Here are some questions which might be useful when asking partners to participate in your study group:

Would you like to join our study group?
Can I join your study group?
Can I be a part of your study group?
Could you tell me when you are available?
Do you know what the time difference is?
Do you happen to know when the chat starts?
I’d like to know if you would be interested in chatting with me.
Could you find out when the chat starts?
I’m interested in creating a study group.
I’m looking for partners for a study group.




Some of the answers could be:

Yes, of course. I’d love to.
Sure, I’d like that.
On weekdays from 6 to 8 and on weekends from 11 to 1.
Yes, I believe you are eight hours ahead of us.
Yeah, at three.

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