5. England, Spain and Turkey

5. England, Spain and Turkey



During this lesson, at least three countries have been mentioned: Serena and Blake in Turkey, CEOLS in Cornwall (England) and Angela in Toledo (Spain).

What cultural differences would you expect to find in these countries, for instance, regarding food and eating habits? Would you expect to find anything similar between such different countries?

Watch the videos below and be surprised!

AV – Reflexión

You are going to watch two videos:

 Delicious food in Istanbul    Delicious food in Mullion Cove

Can you see anything that is common between Turkish food and English food? Does it look similar to anything you might have in Spain?

Go to the forum and discuss the videos, comment aspects such as:

– location;

– food that appears (meat, fish, vegetables, cookies, cakes…);

– ways of cooking;

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