4. Short and Long vowel sounds

4. Short and Long vowel sounds


 Unidad 1 – Tema 1 – Podcast número 6



Image at openclipart.org by Salvor under CC.

Easy and difficult vowel sounds in English. As you may recall from former years, English vowel sounds can be long /i:/ (heat, neat, reach) or short /I/ (hit, knit, rich). Look at the chart below, the sounds are divided into long and short. Can you distinguish them correctly? Listen to the speaker and then try it yourself.

 Long vowels
 Short vowels














Caso de estudio

Can you distinguish between a long vowel and a short vowel? Read on and then try our exercise.


Now, listen to the speaker. In the following list, what word do you hear?

Unidad 1 – Tema 1 – Podcast número 7 1. sleep – slip

2. short – shot

3. heart – hat – hut

4. stack – start

5. spool – spill

6. four – full

7. pour – pool

8. sheet – shirt


Do you need nore practise? Ship or Sheep is an online phonetic website. Visit it and have fun learning!

Perhaps you would like an explanation as well as the prounciation. Visit the BBC Pronunciation website and follow along with their videos.

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