2. Let’s review our verb tenses

2. Let’s review our verb tenses

 Unidad 1 – Tema 1 – Podcast número 4


paisajeThroughout this lesson we have been learning about a new online school, some of its staff members, the products it has to offer and its organization. Now, let’s have a look at the language that has been used and why.

The story of CEOLS is a piece of narrative writing, as such, it is written to entertain, but also, of course, to teach and inform. Some features include:

– Characters with defined identities: Mr. Pengelly, Serena and Blake…

– Narrative (or dialogue) with tenses which vary from past to present to future: CEOLS was created…The company offices are located…CEOLS will provide…

– Descriptive language to create images in the reader’s mind and enhance the story: a well-known harbour on the south coast of Cornwall…entrepreneur James Pengelly…young couple… teachers are keen, innovative and dedicated…

The structure includes an introduction or orientation in which the characters, the setting and the time of the story are established by answering questions such as: Who? When? Where? And so on: CEOLS was created in 2005 by a young couple…

The introduction is followed by a complication or problem which involves the main characters: …spotted by entrepreneur…

To wrap a narrative up there is a resolution: Wherever you are, whenever you need us, we are just a click away.

Having established the general layout, let’s take a closer look at the story.

AV – Reflexión

Go back to “Welcome to CEOLS!” Look at the first paragraph again, it begins: “CEOLS was created…” and ends: “for the next three years.” Can you list examples of verbs in the past?
AV – Reflexión

Now, look at the section “About CEOLS” and more specifically at the first paragraph beginning: “CEOLS is currently…” and ending: “…fully refunded.” Can you identify verbs in the present tenses?
AV – Reflexión

Finally, in the two sections there are two verbs which refer to the future. Can you find them?


In order to review verb tenses in English, read through this presentation:

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